Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keep on Steppin'

I did these for my cousin, Chrissy, for her 18th birthday! When Chrissy was 5, her mother which is my aunt, and her sister who was my cousin were both killed in a tragic car accident, thankfully she survived the accident. Losing a parent at a young age changes the path your life takes. We are very close i beleive because we both lost a parent at a younge age. I lost my dad when I was 7months old to a motorcycle accident. People come into your life that help fill the bumpy road that comes with a lose and those people I call Angels. Chrissy is so younge still on her journey and Im glad I get to be a small Angel in her life. So for her shoes I wanted to do something that would push her foward and reming her to keep on steppin. I did the daisies since they are a flower that symbolize remembering those who have passed. The eyes I drew on the side are looking up towards heaven with a teardrop to remind her that her mother and sister are always going to guide her where she belongs in life. It is a blessing always. :) L

Black Angel Heels

These were for Angel Oriol, Estevan's wife. She is known as LA Angel. She is very big on family now, but comes from the street lifestyle. She has been affiliated with Estevan and the guys for the past 20 years or so. She is known as the "Boss Lady" and has become a friend of mine, and wanted this pair of shoes from me. She is looking to order another pair in the future.

Nati Toledo

These were for the wife of Willie Toledo, a photographer who I've done a lot of body painting photo shoots with. His wife Nati does roller skating and wanted something different and unique that I had never done before. So this is what we ened up with. They feature a Dia De Los Muertos style, which she loved. Soon hoping to do a pair for her daughter to match.

Caitlyn Young Boots

I did these for Caitlyn Young, the daughter of my friends, Megan and Brent Young. They are a photographer and graphic designer that I attended art school with. Megan has photographed many of my shoes for me. This was their first child. I did these for their baby shower to celebrate their new baby girl.

Laugh Now, Cry Later

These were for Olivia, the mother of Baby G, for her second son, named Estevan. I did these before the baby was born. They were a fun way to celebrate a new baby with something special.

Tough Love

These were a design for Olivia, the mother of Baby G. Her father is Estevan Oriol. The images are of her and her sister. She is a very family oriented woman. There is another with her and her son, Baby G. She came from a family with a hard life, and has a tough personality, which is why I put the "Tough Love." Also the heart is to symbolize that she has a big heart despite the tough times in her life. "OMG" is on there since those are her initials as well as something funny she says often. On the toe is says "Mom" next to the photo of her and her son. And the LA, as I'm sure you can guess, is where she's from.

The "Baby G's"

These are a pair of custom kids shoes I did for the first birthday of "Baby G". Hes the grandson of Estevan Oriol, a well-known LA photographer who specializes in street art, low-rider cars, and black and white photograph. His grandson's name was Gabriel, but everyone calls him Baby G. I incorporated the West Coast lifestyle into this pair, including a low-rider car, a kids tricycle with a street scene in the background. Included as well, is a picture of Baby G, with his name in script style. Great pair for celebrateing your new child or th e birth of a good friends first born! Great times great friends! Miss Olivia, LA.Angel and the Oriol familia!! XO