Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keep on Steppin'

I did these for my cousin, Chrissy, for her 18th birthday! When Chrissy was 5, her mother which is my aunt, and her sister who was my cousin were both killed in a tragic car accident, thankfully she survived the accident. Losing a parent at a young age changes the path your life takes. We are very close i beleive because we both lost a parent at a younge age. I lost my dad when I was 7months old to a motorcycle accident. People come into your life that help fill the bumpy road that comes with a lose and those people I call Angels. Chrissy is so younge still on her journey and Im glad I get to be a small Angel in her life. So for her shoes I wanted to do something that would push her foward and reming her to keep on steppin. I did the daisies since they are a flower that symbolize remembering those who have passed. The eyes I drew on the side are looking up towards heaven with a teardrop to remind her that her mother and sister are always going to guide her where she belongs in life. It is a blessing always. :) L


  1. Actually, Chrissy was only four when the accident happened. It was a horrible time for her family, of course, and for everyone who knew and loved them. I spent a few days with her in SC last month, and she talked about those shoes... she loves them. That was so sweet of you to design a pair just for her. You both have a great deal in common, as you mentioned. What you have done with the gifts given to you by God and good genes (those are God-given too, right?)can only be described as amazing and incredible. You have been an angel for more people than you know, Ms. LaTisha. And you have greater patiences than I will ever have, not that I won't try to be more patient. Love you!

  2. Thank you Bea..My heart always softens when I read your emails!! I love you XOX ;)

  3. latisha babes your custom sneakers are wicked how much could you do me a pair if you can let me no thank you mark